An Historic Drink Rediscovered and Reimagined

Mead is one of the most historic fermented drinks found on Earth. It has the creativity of craft beer and the elegance of wine, but is in a category all its own. Mead is created by fermenting sugars found in honey, with additional herbs, spices, and fruits added to create unique flavors. Our meads typically have an ABV of 11% to 14%, and range from dry to sweet, with beautiful clarity and color. 


We are a proud member of the Williamsburg Tasting Trail, the official guide to Greater Williamsburg’s Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries.

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Insider MEAD CLUB Now Available!

It’s finally here! You can now be a part of our Insider Mead Club. We know you love all the different meads we offer, and now you can get it shipped right to your door! We’ve had so [...]


National Mead Day – Mead Up Weekend

Unlike breweries and most wineries in Virginia we are unable to sell mead by the glass. The exception is that eight times a year we are able to obtain a special permit which allows us to serve to [...]

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