Terres Brûlées

An ancient love longing to be remembered, blossoming in the scorched earth beneath a once active volcano. This reimagined medieval French recipe is characterized by caramelized honey, with aromas of cloves, vanilla, cherry, molasses, and oak. Each sip brings a touch of sweetness with a long finish that leaves you wanting more.

2015 Mazer Cup Award Winner

  • Semi-Sweet Bochet
  • 500ml
  • Contains sulfites
  • Alc. 14% by vol.

Visual – deep amber

Aroma – caramel, spice, smoky

Flavor – nutty, butterscotch

Body – medium

Finish – dry, smoky, caramel


Pairs well with pork tenderloin, steak fajitas, grilled fish, bacon-wrapped asparagus, aged cheddar and dark chocolate.

Musical Inspiration

Terres Brûlées is a a medieval French recipe brought back to life by Silver Hand, and inspired by Jacques Brel’s 1959 song, Ne Me Quitte Pas, sung by Nina Simone. In this song, a lover reminisces about an old love that once burned like an active volcano. Now, the lover calls out to her lover from a scorched earth below the volcano saying, “Don’t forget me” … just like this recipe.

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