Scarborough Fair

A walk through a fragrant herb garden on a misty morning. Scarborough Fair features delicate honey with rosemary and thyme, which combine to create perfect harmony in your glass.

2015 Mazer Cup Award Winner

    • Dry Metheglin
    • 500ml
    • Contains sulfites
    • Alc. 13% by vol.


Visual – delicate pale yellow

Aroma – rosemary, thyme, earthy, citrus

Flavor – rosemary, thyme, pineapple, oak

Body – light

Finish – smooth with oak and thyme lingering


Pairs well with roasted lamb, grilled salmon or rainbow trout, potatoes, and tomato-based pasta dishes.

Musical Inspiration

Scarborough Fair is inspired by the song Scarborough Fair, by Simon and Garfunkel.

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