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Join us for a 35 minute sensory experience where we’ll explore the aromas and flavors of honey, the main ingredient for mead. Learn more about the honey bee as we showcase the inner workings of an empty beehive. Discover how different nectar sources determine flavor and color and how this can change year to year. Best of all, enjoy five different honey varietals from across the U.S. and Mexico, and our local Virginia wildflower honey.

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Tours start promptly. Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign in. Please bring your photo identification if you would like to enjoy a free mead tasting following the Reserve Honey Tasting.

Tasting Times

Reserve Tasting

Want to book a honey tasting for a group of 8-20 people at a different time other than those listed? Click here to inquire.

Need to reschedule your Reserve Tasting, but can’t find an opening when you’re in town? Reserve Tastings may be rescheduled for our Honey Tasting Experience without a reservation. Just stop by with your proof of purchase anytime we are open.


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