Discover TEN honey varietals for sale including Virginia Wildflower honey – support honeybees and beekeepers by choosing your favorites!


Blackberry blossom, clover and cinnamon honey sticks – treat yourself or someone you love! But beware, the buckwheat honey sticks are only For The Bold!


Find the perfect souvenir gift for a loved one – paired with a jar of honey, our wooden honey dippers turned by local artisans are a great choice!


Incorporate honey into your life – pick up a book that will teach you about honey, varietal honeys and cooking with honey!


Learn to slow down, attune your senses, and savor what is good – our honey aroma and wine aroma wheels will help you put labels to what you’re sensing! Take home one of our candles made from our mead bottles – scented to match our meads!


Show the world you’ve been to Williamsburg with the coolest souvenir t-shirt or hoodie in town! Yes, so cool, even the locals wear it! And plenty of color and size options for everyone!

At Silver Hand Meadery, we have a great appreciation for the arts.


We play great tunes and display great art! In fact, most of the artwork throughout the meadery is for sale! Our featured artist is Kristen Lied. Check out her other work here.  Also available are albums from our founder’s past musical career. Downhere and Hark the Herons.

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