How was opening week?

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Leading a honey tasting at a full bar. A mead tasting soon followed!

We have officially been open for a week now and we are off to a great start! Many of you have found us through Facebook or through print or online articles about us. Our location has been difficult for some people to find (it is a little tricky) and many others have come in saying they just happened to be driving by and saw our temporary signs! Either way, we have seen a lot of traffic since our opening last week. We’re estimating somewhere between 250 and 300 people have visited us in the 5 days we have been open! WOW!


Just about to start our first batch of Silver Hand Mead.

Since our mead is only 9 and 11 days into fermentation we have brought in mead from Richmond’s Black Heath Meadery and people are loving it. Their cyser or apple cider mead, named Blue Angel, has been a favorite with Bramble Bee, a dry blackberry mead, a close second. And as expected our Virginia Wildflower Honey has been the favorite honey purchase to date with Star Thistle Honey being the surprise close second.

It has been fun to take such a wide variety of people through Rediscover Honey (our guided honey tasting). We have had people of all ages participate! Many people discovered that they love our Star Thistle Honey which we will be using in our Scarborough Fair mead. They have learned about the honey bee, the hive, and how different honey varietals impact mead.

We have been offering Rediscover Honey to everyone who comes in, but with how busy things have been at times, we can see how all of those tastings will eventually need to be booked ahead of time. If you would like to book yours today follow this link to see which times are available.

Looking forward to what December has to offer!

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  • Alexis

    Congratulations on such a great opening week. So very proud of you both.

    Just wish I lived closer so I could help out. Maybe in the New Year who knows.

    Here’s to every week continues to be the same or better

    Love and hugs to you all. God’s Blessing to you all and to your new venture

    Alexis Bennett-Wheeler

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